Three-day practical workshop on Byzantine mural painting

The workshop, held in English language, took place from 1 to 3 August 2019 at the HAWK in Hildesheim.

After an introduction to the Byzantine painting in Romania (northern Moldavia and Transylvania) and its conservation / restoration, such painting were created: The practical workshop included the preparation of the walls / plates and the intonaco, making the drawings in scale 1: 1, the preparation of the Pigments, transferring the drawing to the fresh plaster and, of course, the painting itself.

Lecturers: Conservator Dr. Adrian Rauca (supported by Dipl.-Rest. Anneli Ellesat-Brümmer M.A., leader of the workshop conservation / restoration of mural painting / architectural surface at the HAWK)

Foto: Arbore Church im Norden Moldaviens, Wandmalerei, Detail (Foto: Adrian Rauca)