Baroque art in Hildesheim

Art historian research of architecture, interior design and moveable furnishings of Baroque art in Hildesheim

In the coming years the Hornemann Institute will focus on Baroque art in and around Hildesheim, because the rich artistic production during this period has been heavily understudied. Although many of its main examples were destroyed, damaged or transferred during World War II, numerous of the remaining examples are outstanding. They were often made by artists from out-of-town, e.g. from southern Germany and Italy.
The starting point of this research project will be to fill the gaps in our knowledge on artists and works of this time. A database of objects is in preparation where all examples of architecture, interior design and moveable furnishings will be documented, including lost objects, which can be reconstructed only with the help of pre-war literature.

There will be a more detailed understanding of the position of Hildesheim as artistic centre of this period at the end of the project to be published in the book series of the Hornemann Institute.

Project management: Dr. Angela Weyer
Operation partners: Archive Hildesheim, Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover



Bothmer epitaph, ca. 1620/30, today St. Michael, from St. Martin church, Hildesheim foto: Ev. Kirchengemeinde St. Michaelis (Andreas Lechtape, 2000)