Conny Sachse: Portrayal of the fountain of youth on the Dreckburg, Salzkotten (Westphalia/ Germany). Zurück
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Zusammenfassung: This diploma thesis includes a treatment report in subject conservation of all wall surfaces in the room of the “portrayal of the fountain of youth” on the Dreckburg, Salzkotten in Westphalia. The condition of the wall paintings is characterised by numerous areas of losses in plaster and painting layer, hollow area in plaster, as well as concentration of soluble and insoluble salts. This is also the main subject of the “portrayal of the fountain of youth”: especially gypsum is concentrated in upper layers.
A conservation concept has been developed and realised exemplary on the mural painting of the “portrayal of the fountain of youth”.
Urgent measures to prevent more damage were done in the whole room. The best treatment for filling up hollow parts of plaster was a mixture including self dispersed lime and alcohol. Detached painting layers were consolidated by cellulose ether. Before cleaning with ammonium carbonate and “Ionenaustauschharz” the “portrayal of the fountain of youth” was fixed by casein. Losses in plaster were filled with lime plaster; losses in painting layers were filled with a mixture of self dispersed lime. Suggestions for retouching were made digitally.


weitere Angaben:
  • Hochschule: HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim/ Holzminden/Göttingen
  • Art der Arbeit:  Diplomarbeit
  • Erstprüfer:  Prof. Dr. Ivo Hammer
  • Zweitprüfer:  Dipl.-Rest. Christel Meyer-Wilmes
  • Abgabedatum:  2006
  • Sprache:  German
  • Seitenzahl:  376
  • Abbildungen:  440

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