Stefanie Schwind: Organically soluble or partially organic soluble cellulose ethers and their suitability for purposes of conservation as well as restoration Zurück
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Zusammenfassung: Subject-matter of this dissertation at hand are organically soluble or partially organic soluble cellulose ethers. In the beginning of the thesis there was a thorough and extensive stocktaking of the products available on the market. It was sounded out which cellulose ethers dissolve in organic solvents. In addition to that they were checked for being suitable for purposes of conservation as well as restoration. Many of the products tested could be dissolved completely or with a high proportion of organic solvents. A series of experiments was intended to verify the products’ applicability as an adhesive agent and their colour fastness as well as stability. An accelerated ageing with sample material was performed having proved that the occurrence of colour changes were of minor significance. The adhesive strength of some products was reduced by the accelerated ageing.


weitere Angaben:
  • Hochschule:  Hochschule der Künste Bern
  • Art der Arbeit:  Diplomarbeit
  • Abgabedatum:  2004

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