Holger Schwerin: The six-board chest in the church of Rohrberg (Altmarkkreis Salzwedel). Study and suggestions for preservation Zurück
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Zusammenfassung: The chest in the church of Rohrberg is a six-board chest. It is made of oak wood from the south of Germany which dates from about 1428. With all its ironwork, it was used as a safe but also as a representative piece of furniture.
In the past, some changes were made. The inner locks were strengthened with hasps and later replaced with a hasp and staple. The interior of the chest was divided into two. Each half had its own lid, but the separating board was removed and a single lid was added. Not so long ago, the two boards on each side were shortened and replaced by four square logs. The grey paint on the wood seems to be relatively young.

The main damages are the losses of metal and wood surface. There are also damages due to insects, but they are not dangerous for the construction.

The first suggestion for the preservation is a dry cleaning. A consolidation with synthetics is excluded because of its unsteadiness. The ironworks could be cleaned with micro-abrasive blasting and later covered with wax. Covered screws and little nails can be used to fix the ironwork. The wooden surface should at first stay uncovered, but monitoring should determine if it is necessary to act.


Schlagworte: chest, six-board chest, Middle Ages, ironwork, suggestions for preservation, ironwork securing
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