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Eva Ortner: The Retouching of Paintings. A Discussion on Methodology Back
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Abstract: Today any discussion on retouching generally relates to finding suited materials; theory and methodology have become secondary. Such is the case, particularly, in the German-speaking countries, where a modern discussion concentrating on theory is wanting. A prerequisite for this is a uniform terminology, which unfortunately is lacking. This thesis aims to address this deficit by studying the problems of terminology and methodology in retouching theory while at the same time examining the fundamentals in order to develop a model for dealing with the “retouching” problem. The primary goal of this thesis is to return retouching theory and methodology to the foreground of the discussion.


Keywords: retouching, inpainting, terminology, methodology, lacuna
  • academic institution: Technische Universität München
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. Dipl.-Restaurator Erwin Emmerling
  • assistant Tutor:  Ltd. Restaurator Jürgen Pursche
  • date:  2002
  • pages:  81
  • pictures:  50
Materialien aus dem Institut für Baugeschichte und Bauforschung; Kunstgeschichte; Restaurierung, Kunsttechnologie und Konservierungswissenschaft und dem Architekturmuseum, Verlag Anton Siegl, München 2003

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