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Barbara Ihrig: Theories and concepts of the conservation of bronze objects from 1860 to the 1940s: methods and materials in Rathgen's time Back
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Abstract: Summarizes the old definitions of copper corrosion products and of the so-called Edelpatina (precious patina) and collects the chemical, electrochemical, and electrolytical conservation treatments used at that time. Contemporary resins, completion materials, and lacquers are mentioned. Two stripping methods for coins are tested using animal glue and liquid lead. An appendix lists 62 recipes of conservation treatments, lacquers, resins, and patination agents taken from the surveyed literature. Only a few critical notes on the ethical aspects of the listed conservation methods (mainly stripping methods) are to be found.
(AATA No.: 32-2527, text: B. Niemeyer)


  • academic institution: Staatl. Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • date:  1992
  • Language:  German
Theorien und Konzepte zur Bronzekonservierung von 1860 bis zum Beginn der 40er Jahre - Methoden und Materialien zu Zeiten Rathgens.
Stuttgart, 1992, (Staatliche Akademie d. Bildenden Künste Stuttgart) 102 S. 10 Farbabb., 6 s/w Abb., ISBN 3-931485-14-5

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