Academic thesis

Antje Stenzel: Back
Language: Original   -   Translation
Abstract: The panel and the wall pillar are located at the eastern wall of the White Flower Room in Molsdorf
castle. Two original painted wooden panels serve as a basis for the creation of the model axis. The
wooden panels show flowery still lives, which were painted by the artist Jacob Samuel Beck from
Erfurt around 1740.
The wooden construction and the polychrome painting of the panel as well as the wall pillars were
examined. Doing this the original polychrome painting was detected. In addition the different
wooden panels were checked under the use of a variety of technological methods. Those methods
showed that the wooden panels have been changed in their original size. A concept for restoration of
the White Flower Room was developed. Furthermore a recommendation for the polychrome
painting of the panel and wall pillar was given. In the context of the creation of the model axis a
wooden wall frame was constructed on top of the panel. The wooden panels were conserved. They
also received wooden additions in order to insert them. In the end two historic polychrome painting
were set free within a test area.


  • academic institution: FH Erfurt
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • date:  2008

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