Academic thesis

Mathias Szilagyi: Back
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Abstract: Part I: This thesis is about the examination of the "Fürstenskulptur" located in the "Arnstadter
Liebfrauenkirche". The presentation of the object is followed by a detailed account of its situation
and condition as well as an analysis of the destruction process. The spectrum of tasks includes
necessary measures of conservation and restoration which will focus on the addition and
integration of the missing parts of this sculpture. The question will be considered if the method of
retouching, originally developed for paintings, can be applied on sculptures as well.
With reference to this, the methodical, aesthetic and technological connections are
researched and presented.
The practical realization is carried out on reference surfaces of the object itself.
Part II: Subject of this thesis is the examination of substances used for the supplementation of
stone which are based on water‐emulsifying epoxy resins. The long‐term goal is the development
of a testable mortar system for stone supplementation in areas of recurrent or permanent
The aim of the study is to adjust the qualities of the supplements to the specific
characteristics of the stone finding the best mixture of additives and fillers.
Test objects composed of different constituents of materials have been produced as part of this
The evaluation concentrates on the desired aspects of restoration.
Finally the results of these practical tests will be compared to the theoretic results of this thesis.


  • academic institution: FH Erfurt
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • date:  2007

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