Academic thesis

Annika Sander: Wildlife conservation and conservation of cultural heritage. Guideline for conservators who deal with materials from protected species Back
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Abstract: Conservators have often to deal with exotic materials from protected species, like tropical timber. Nevertheless the wildlife conservation is not a popular subject in the field of conservation in Germany. This thesis tries to point out the connection between wildlife conservation and the conservation of cultural heritage for the first time. It explains the laws as well as the rights and duties of a conservator by handling such materials from protected species. The most popular of these materials, like tropical timber, ivory or tortoiseshell were used for furniture or musical instruments. Therefore this thesis is especially addressed to conservators who deal with the conservation of wooden materials. The aim of this paper is to develop a guideline for conservator how to deal with materials from protected species and to explain the judicial situation in a simple way.


  • academic institution: HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim/ Holzminden/Göttingen
  • kind of theses:  Bachelorarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. Dr. Peter Klein
  • assistant Tutor:  Dipl.-Rest. Ralf Buchholz
  • date:  2013

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