Fotografie als Werkzeug der Dokumentation und Untersuchung

(Photography as a tool for documentation and investigation)

by Christine Fiedler M.A., Barbara Hentschel M.A. and Dipl.-Des. Clemens Kappen

next course: 16 September to 17 November 2019
fee: 139,- € (Students get a reduction of 20%.)

From the very start, photography has been used as a form of art as well as a form of documentation. Consequently, it plays a prominent role in the preservation of works of art and cultural heritage.

This course written in German will teach the essentials of professional photo-documentation. Elucidating the principles of photography, it explains camera techniques, lighting and accessories in a simple manner accompanied by numerous illustrations. It is a unique compilation of all the information required for analog as well as digital photography and image processing.

After an introduction, the general principles of applied photography will be explained, including aperture, shutter speed, focus and exposure. Even if this compilation may sound simple, the safe handling of these parameters is fundamental for satisfactory results.
The third module of the course explains (after a brief introduction to "light") the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used lamps and photo flash.

In the next module you will learn about objectives, their characteristics and their range of use.

The fifth module informs about analog photography, including the characteristics of film material, different formats and advice about their successful use.
Another module will give you an understanding of digital photography. Besides the idea of camera technology, you will find information about digital image files and instructions for electronic image processing.
The course is complemented by two other modules in which useful accessories and information about print images captured on film or data storage media are presented.

The authors
Christine Fiedler MA has been working on the field of digitally supported methods for documentation since her studies as a restorer. She is the successor of Clemens Kappen, who taught photography until 2015 at the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim. Restorer Barbara Hentschel MA is a graduate of the HAWK and works at the Hornemann Institute in the field of multimedia.


The course is in German language, but technical support can be given in English. For further information and registration please have a look at the German version.


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